What's V2?

With Season 2, You might have noticed some V2 endpoints appearing around Skills and Sparks Patronage.

These endpoints are appearing as we adjust and add Mixer features as we grow. Usually when a V2 endpoint is announced it means that the V1 Endpoint is coming to the end of its life and that we'd like you to get onto the new endpoints as soon as you can.

In all cases we'll be doing our best to ensure that developers have the appropriate time and documentation to ensure a smooth transition.

With the launch of our new Developer Site you'll be able to read about Deprecations on our Developer Orientated Blog.

For now here's a list of questions you might have and some answers. If you have more drop us a line.

Is V2 tied to Season 2?

No. Season 2 represented a lot of new work on the Mixer team and as a lot of this work was brand new we decided to write Season 2 endpoints in V2 to start with.

Are all endpoints being Deprecated?

No, this will be a gradual process. If a V2 endpoint is not available please continue to use the V1 path.

Where are V2 Endpoints Located?

V2 endpoints are located at exactly the same url as V1 endpoints. Just swap v1 with v2.

E.g. https://mixer.com/api/v2/potato

What do I do if I have a question ?

If you have any additional questions about V2 of our endpoints please feel free to contact us.