Mixer provides a set of embeddable components so that you can bring parts of the Mixer platform to your website.

The parts included are:

  • The Video Player
  • Chat

Getting an Embed URL

To get the embed URL for a channel simply add the Channel's name to the following URLS where it says <channel name>:

  • For the Video Player: https://mixer.com/embed/player/
  • For Chat: https://mixer.com/embed/chat/

Adding the Embed

Once you have a URL just create a HTML iframe with the src property set to the url. For example:

<iframe src="https://mixer.com/embed/player/mixer"></iframe>

Would embed the Mixer Channel's Video Player.

Video Options

For the video player you can provide extra query parameters on the URL to control various settings of the embed:

  • disableCostream - Set this to true to prevent the Embed from display CoStreams.
  • disableLowLatency - Set this to true to disable FTL Playback. This will make the video HLS instead.
  • muted - Set this to true to mute the video player on load.
  • vod - Provide a VOD Id here to Embed a VOD.
  • t - Provide a time here to skip to this time within the vod
  • disableLinks - Set this to true to prevent links within the Embed
  • hideChannel - Set this to true to hide the channel/"Watch on Mixer" link for this embed.

Chat Options

For the Chat Embed you can provide extra query parameters on the URL to control various settings:

  • composer - Set this to false to hide the composition/text entry part of chat. This also hides the viewer count.

Embed Styling & Sizing

As our embeds are just iframes you can style them using CSS. Give them a HTML class or ID and then write rules for them. If you set the IFrame's size the embed will automatically adjust to reflect the new size. A good set of standard styling is:

iframe {
    border: 0px;
    overflow: hidden;

This removes the default grey border most browsers will give iframes and prevent any scrollbars from appearing which can look unsightly.