OAuth Scopes

To request access to a users' account you need to use scopes. Scopes limit the amount of access a certain application has to the account. The full list of scopes which can be requested are listed below. These are also listed on the endpoints themselves over on the REST API reference.

Scope Description
user:act_as Let's you act as this user on other resources.
achievement:view:self View your earned achievements.
channel:analytics:self View your channel analytics.
channel:clip:create:self Create new clips from videos on your channel.
channel:clip:delete:self Allows deleting existing clips on your channel.
channel:costream:self Manage your costreaming requests.
channel:deleteBanner:self Delete your channel banner
channel:details:self View your channel details.
channel:follow:self Follow and unfollow other channels.
channel:streamKey:self View your channel's stream key.
channel:teststream:view:self Watch your test streams.
channel:update:self Update your channel settings
chat:bypass_catbot Bypasses the catbot chat filter.
chat:bypass_filter Bypass the chat content filter.
chat:bypass_links Bypass links being disallowed in chat.
chat:bypass_slowchat Bypass slowchat settings on channels.
chat:cancel_skill Cancel a skill.
chat:change_ban Manage bans in chats.
chat:change_role Manage roles in chats.
chat:chat Interact with chats on your behalf.
chat:clear_messages Clear messages in chats where authorized.
chat:connect Connect to chat.
chat:edit_options Edit chat options, including links settings and slowchat.
chat:giveaway_start Start a giveaway in chats where authorized.
chat:poll_start Start a poll in chats where authorized.
chat:poll_vote Vote in chat polls.
chat:purge Clear all messages from a specific user in chat.
chat:remove_message Remove own and other's messages in chat.
chat:timeout Change timeout settings in chats.
chat:view_deleted View deleted messages in chat.
chat:whisper Gives the ability to whisper in a channel
delve:view:self View your Mixer homepage experience and recommendations.
interactive:manage:self Create, update and delete the interactive games in your account.
interactive:robot:self Run as an interactive game in your channel.
invoice:view:self View the users invoices.
log:view:self View and manage your security log.
oauth:manage:self View and manage your OAuth clients.
recording:manage:self Manage the users VODs.
redeemable:create:self Create redeemables after performing a purchase.
redeemable:redeem:self Use users redeemable.
redeemable:view:self View users redeemables.
resource:find:self View emoticons and other graphical resources you have access to.
subscription:cancel:self Cancel your subscriptions.
subscription:create:self Create new subscriptions.
subscription:renew:self Renew your existing subscriptions.
subscription:view:self View who you're subscribed to.
team:manage:self Create, join, leave teams and set the users primary team.
transaction:cancel:self Cancel pending transactions.
transaction:view:self View your pending transactions.
user:analytics:self View your user analytics
user:details:self View your email address and other private details.
user:getDiscordInvite:self View users discord invites.
user:log:self View your user security log.
user:notification:self View and manage your notifications.
user:seen:self Mark a VOD as seen for the user.
user:update:self Update your account, including your email but not your password.
user:updatePassword:self Update your password.